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A few months ago, a friend told a juicy story about another friend's hookup  with a male pop star. “She said she was on her period, and he said he was  into ...

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Ass, instagram, and meme: a chick once told me to “fuck her. . My neighbor mom wanted me to go in a fuck her daughter and she is over …. My manager just told me his wife likes me i would fuck her crazy!!!. Memes, relationships, and your girl: when she say she gonna tell your girl. So fuck her.. Smack her in the face and fuck her in the butt bitches like to be told how to behave and how to act. works for me!. . So my gf just told me she fucked her boss, dam that shit would have hurt …. She told me to fuck off when i needed her the most. i left her.. Donkey, memes, and hook: kingpetty83 when you donkey fuck her till she start. 4 replies. When you’re about to bust a nut and your girlfriend says to fuck her harder – when you haven’t told anyone in 5 minutes. She told me to fuck her hard. so i let all my anger out hard as …. Birthday, cheating, and crush: girlfriend told me she cheated 3monthsago going to fuck. 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Baby, it’s cold outside, bitch, and ex’s: baby what if i told. Gets talked to after class bitch yelled at me but i told her to fuck off. Thread by @adeola_adereti: “when i was in d university, my bf told me my room mate had been crushing on him, making advances towards him, seemed she wanted …. Montana of 300 – fuck her brains out (cursed with a blessing). I was being honest and was told to leave her “the fuck alone” …. Bitch, blackpeopletwitter, and funny: tiptm @tips_thatdude24 me on my way to fuck. Me i should her give her my seat shes pregnant. other me no one told. Twitter suspended rose mcgowan after she told ben affleck to “fuck off”. Her mum told her she couldn’t have fun all the time. kate moss responded;. Fuck work. fuck my job. fuck all jobs. but fuck mine in particular. “the only reason i’m even bringing this up is because you said you weren’t sure about her in the first place,” shauna reminds me. i can tell she regrets …. 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