Tampon up the ass

Tampon in the ass

Knoxville, Tenn.

Close-Up Tampon insertion

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Inserting my tampon



Out of Tampons

Tampon Insertion Close-Up

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Pad & Tampon

Inserting a new tampon

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

Amateur Wife Anal (with tampon)

Claim #1: There is a “laundry list of harmful chemicals found in  conventional tampons.”

Requested vid. Wee wee time plus out comes the tampon.


Changing Tampon

I used to take a tampon, soak it in grain alcohol, and stick it up my  rectum. That got me high, Richard, but not half as high as buying life  insurance from ...
“i shoved a tampon up my ass”facebook …. You don’t always shove a tammon up your ass but when you it’s when someone needs help – tampon. . So …. Drinking …. And …. Local guy takes a bet get tampon shoved up his ass. Is wine butt chugging the new vodka tampon-ing?. They …. “they see bloody footprints and they trace it back to this tampon.. The …. Prank call tampon in my ass!?. Eviscerated zombie tampon – never mind the talent, we’re eviscerated zombie tampon. For …. Who stole my tampons????? photo. Period spot pulsating on top of woman’s butt. Vodka tampon. 10 replies 27 retweets 632 likes. A conversation with corey episode 15: i shoved a tampon up my ass.. Shellby woo. Description: ::library:containers:com.apple.mail:data:. Can you make it through these 11 medical anomaly stories without barfing in your mouth? | someecards lifestyle. And …. So you like shoving alcohol soaked tampons in your ass tell me again how you hate gay people? – willy wonka | meme generator. Butt chugging leads to severe alcohol poisoning of university of tennessee student | huffpost. . Facebook. . I always thought i was practically bleeding out during my period when i used tampons because …. 2 replies 54 retweets 360 likes. . “alcohol enemas,” also known among college kids as “butt chugging,” is a dangerous new trend for absorbing alcohol into the blood stream through the rectum.. Dog eats tampon phone prank doggy veterinarian stick finger in dog butt. Look at this image …. Illustration for article titled seven insane ways to get drunk without drinking. College student arrested after allegedly rubbing used tampons on roommate’s backpack. Why is everyone so obsessed with periods right now?. You’ve all heard horror stories of that one friend’s-cousin’s-classmate who put some random object inside her vagina during a heated moment and ended up in …. I first heard about the diva cup from a youtube video. the girl in the video raved about much easier it made her period and how she felt like she was making …. Description: ::library:containers:com.apple.mail:data:. Why you get herpes outbreaks during your period. Ass. or b x c/applicator regular 16. The bad boy borrowed my tampon (undergoing serious editing) – the bad boy ‘borrowed’ my tampon – wattpad. 1 reply 11 retweets 40 likes. . Here …. Funny-period-memes. They are not meant to replace a tampon, or diva cup, or whatever period protection is your poison. they are simply meant as a back up.. Description: ::library:containers:com.apple.mail:data:. . Feminine hygiene (sanitary napkin, tampon, menstrual cup, panties, monthly calendar). Mrs mccormick, you son died from an infection caused by shoving a tampon up his ass. we think he was imitating someone like the backstreet boys.. Bartender, a dirty martini with a tampon!. . Wuka period panties replace disposable pads and tampons. our underwear absorbs 4 tampons worth of. . . Stick it in his butt. Image 0. Wwe in uproar over star forcing tampon down rival’s throat. Free the period: why some women choose to free-bleed. From vodka tampons to beer bong enemas: non-traditional alcohol use among college students. … screen shot 2015-11-23 at 12.51.43 pm …. Should the tampon tax be used to help domestic violence victims?. . Here’s everything you need to know about butt hair. 8 replies 3 retweets 92 likes. This is what your thong is doing to your butt. Toxic shock syndrome is most common with use of super-absorbent tampons; here are the best ways to prevent it. Awkward moment son questions mother over ‘tampons’ in supermarket captured in video. Today, xojane deputy editor mandy stadtmiller blogged about seeking gynecological help to retrieve a tampon that had been stuck in her vagina for several …. The squat bible:. Funny-period-memes. 6 women share how they handled period leaks in public. “. Chase makes grayson get tampons | videos | chrisley knows best | usa network. Lauren wasser claimed using kotex natural balance brand tampons caused toxic shock syndrome. she claims. ‘butt drunk (the vodka tampon song)’ is a tight jam – brobible. . . . Kolkata on tampon, sex during periods and ass holes ! bublegum. 15 period horror stories that will remind you to always keep a tampon in your purse.. Apple’s new ‘airpod’ wireless headphones are a total disaster. 13 ways to get drunk without actually drinking. Brie voight on twitter: “this girl has a tampon string hanging out of her ass, the shit you see at six flags http://t.co/pwswsja7nk”. Catch up on part 1 and part 2 if you missed them.. Go to the drug store. buy a box of wadded cotton. something like this:. Tumblr lq99dnmhsr1qb5gkjo1 1280 – i bring you these funny-ass pics. tumblr lq99dnmhsr1qb5gkjo1 1280 – i bring you these funny-ass pics. Description: :image4.png. Graffiti city: cummageddon: the complete series: amazon.co.uk: thor cox: books.