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Left: President Warren G. Harding. Right: Nan Britton with her daughter,  Elizabeth Ann Britton, 12, in Toledo in 1931.

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Politicians’ sex lives used to be off limits. one scandal changed everything.. . During the 1992 campaign, an arkansas state government worker named gennifer flowers told reporters she. The road to bimini. Ex-presidential candidate in south korea is jailed for sexual assaultex-presidential candidate in south korea is jailed for sexual assault. Bill clinton acquittal: echoes of a sex scandal 20 years on. Race, sex scandals force reckoning for democrats, 2020 presidential candidates. The cascading blackface and sexual assault scandals roiling virginia politics, explained. Republicans try to block moore’s path as candidate denies sexual misconductrepublicans try to block moore’s path as candidate denies sexual misconduct. . George mcgovern aide gary hart. These are all the politicians recently accused of sexual harassment. This national enquirer cover spelled doom for senator gary hart’s presidential aspirations.. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton (right) with her vice- presidential nominee tim kaine. President trump is selectively criticizing those under scrutiny for alleged sexual misconduct. he’s been largely. During the 1884 election, democratic nominee grover cleveland was accused of fathering a child with. An inside look at one of the most sensational sex scandals in american history.. The republican party’s roy moore catastrophe, explained. 2008 presidential campaign. The sex scandal that ruined alexander hamilton’s chances of becoming president. . Report: a kirsten gillibrand aide is now leaving in the wake of questions about the office’s handling of sexual harassment allegations. Macron laughs off widespread rumours of sexual affair with french radio boss. The sexual-assault election. Al franken (d-mn) prior to announcing his resignation while addressing allegations of sexual misconduct on december 7, 2017. melina mara/the washington post …. . Rep. tulsi gabbard (d-hi) outside the us capitol in july 2018. win mcnamee/getty images. Republican candidates learn a sex scandal is survivable. slagging trump is not. Ontario pc party president rick dykstra resigns after sexual assault accusation. 2020 presidential candidates. Brazilian far-right presidential candidate jair bolsonaro speaks to the press during a visit to. . Ahead of town hall, trump team seizes on clinton sex scandal. . . Donald trump, before a thanksgiving trip to mar-a-lago, all but endorsed alabama republican roy moore. (ap photo / manuel balce ceneta). Texas senator and republican presidential candidate ted cruz has denied a march 23, 2016 report. Woman accuses alabama senate candidate of sexual contact when she was 14. His criticisms of the president may have led to his primary election defeat on tuesday …. Donald trump is pictured. | ap photo. America’s horniest president. Governor ralph northam and lieutenant governor justin fairfax are in trouble for different reasons, and now third-in-command attorney general mark herring …. Franken scandal haunts gillibrand’s 2020 chances. ‘. Was bill clinton’s lewinsky affair an ‘abuse of power’?. Here’s a breakdown of 11 days of scandal.virginia is in turmoil. here’s a breakdown of 11 days of scandal.. Three women accuse iowa governor candidate nate boulton of sexual misconduct. The strange tale of the first woman to run for president. Image. Former vice president joe biden. photo: andrew caballero-reynolds/afp/getty images. Presidential candidate kamala harris’ dirty sex and corruption scandal just exploded. Colour still of hugh jackman giving a speech in 2018 film the front runner.. Eric greitens at his election night party, november 8, 2016. christian gooden/st. louis post-dispatch/tns via getty images. Monica lewinsky scandal. U.s. president donald trump speaks during a presidential medal of freedom ceremony in the east room. The danger of president pence. Bernie 2016 staffers: sexual harassment claims were brushed off, ignored. People in a california coffee shop read the los angeles times the day after president bill. . President trump meets with governors-elect on thursday. (michael reynolds/epa-efe). . Why harvey weinstein is disgraced but donald trump is president. Why do all the facts about elliott broidy’s (supposed) affair with shera bechard point to donald trump? photo: wwd/rex/shutterstock; getty images. Adult film star stormy daniels alleges she had sex with the us president [mike blake/reuters file]. Former vice president joe biden speaks at the biden courage awards, an event related to. West virginia state senator richard ojeda, a democrat, addresses campaign supporters during his first. Gop presidential candidate herman cain is reassessing his campaign after denying allegations that he engaged in. Democratic presidential nominee sen. george mcgovern, right, chose sen. thomas eagleton,. . Georgian men play dominoes at a bus stop pasted over with presidential campaign posters in telavi. Second sexual assault claim triggers call for fairfax impeachment. Senator kamala harris calls for the decriminalization of sex work and labels president trump a racist. . . What happened to the 20 women who accused trump of sexual misconduct. . Bloomberg may run for president as a democrat. some of his views may cause him trouble.. Engraved portrait of andrew jackson. Al gore. Future florida governor ron desantis (centre) attended a pro-israel gala at mar. Bernie alumni seek meeting to address ‘sexual violence’ on ’16 campaign. The 1872 campaign of president ulysses grant was muddied by a massive bribery scandal involving the. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton (l) speaks during the second presidential debate with republican. Bernie sanders apologizes to women who were sexually harassed while working for his 2016 presidential campaign. Why jim jordan is surviving, and thriving, despite ohio state sexual abuse scrutiny. . Mona charen, who spoke about sexual harassment in the republican party at the conservative political action conference (cpac) in february.. Moscow – a television news reporter has accused a five-time russian presidential candidate of groping him as the sexual harassment scandal involving another …. Donna rice hughes: from ’80s sex scandal to ‘fun grandma’ and internet-safety crusader. . Sexual assault allegations against donald trump: 15 women say he groped, kissed, or assaulted them.