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Have a look. Http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/lin…9-large_004.jpg. See …. Kde 4.2. (current, real jockey-kde on the left, mock of jockey-kcm on the right, click for full size) some notes: -definite mockup material. Kubuntu. Kubuntu. . You should get some like this alsamixer. The latest release of opensuse 11.2, milestone 5, comes with kde 4.3 (full image size: 482kb, screen resolution 1280×1024 pixels). Kubuntu netbook remix. Linux mint. Snapshot15. Speakers are both internal (comes with laptop) and external (usb), i occasionally use a bluetooth headset in combination with a usb bluetooth adapter, …. Here’s a picture of my screensaver:. Ubuntu desktop screenshot. Pc-bsd. Xubuntu xfce desktop. Sabayon linux. Day 3 – 10 days of ubuntu 10.10 feature requests. Pretty basic/normal.. Konversation. (click the image for a bigger version). How to. Many debian news site have more ubuntu news that debian news. just notice that this debian package has been referred to as ubuntu, rather than debian. …. 2) making the ~/.kde/share/wallpapers/my-lock-screen/. . Debian gnu/linux. Absolute linux. Desktop hardware incompatibility list. [archive] – page 2 – ubuntu forums. Kubuntu. Calculate linux. Here are screenshots (click for bigger ones), stay tuned for limitations and bugs:. Uubuntu 9.04 screenshot. Unfortunately …. Simplymepis. Ubuntu. Xubuntu. Kubuntu. Blackpanther os. The new layout is just terrible, with fixed width, insane line distances and lots of wasted space, so when i come here it just pisses me off.. I also have to add that the new shadows that active windows have by default are very sexy. very subtle and elegant.. Debian 5.0.1 xfce desktop. Light: ubuntu is lightware. Plasma weather wallpaper (hello planet kde). Kde4sureisreadyforprimetime.png. Clean. ..and also prevents you from making changes that would break the package cache, like any good package manager should. (it undoes the attempted change after …. Mepis 8.0 – default kde desktop. … kubuntu, and …. Pisi package manager. . Debian lenny kde desktop. Added: okay, i reinstalled ubuntu 9.04 so i could use ext4 and it shaved almost a second off the boot time!. Pld linux distribution. Linux mint. Imagic os 2009.9 – the kde desktop and konqueror file manager (full image size: 84kb, screen resolution 800×600 pixels). Asturix 2.0 – using and managing screenlets (full image size: 595kb, screen resolution 1366×768 pixels). 3) right clicking the desktop: lock screen. Parted magic 4.0 – default desktop. . I am using the elegance theme because it is one of the only themes i can find that lets me have a two-row systray at a reasonable size. with kde 4.2 i …. Parted magic 4.0 – applying pending operations. . Imagic os. Crunchbang linux. Mopslinux. Added: i collected a couple boot …. … http://curves79lady.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/my-kubuntu-desktop1.png. Score 69%. Muon …. Slackware linux 13.1 features the latest kde desktop, version 4.4.3. (full image size: 773kb, screen resolution 1280×1024 pixels). . Zenwalk 7.0 — running office software and changing settings (full image size: 179kb, resolution: 1366×768 pixels). Caine. Kubuntu. Imagic os. Runtu. And fill in places as the plugin name:. So evolution sucks badly and i hate it but i dont seem to have a choice but to let it exist on my computer but how do i deactivate these services so …. Mint 9 kde. Xubuntu 9.04 command-line install. Ubuntu netbook remix. Toorox. Seriously …. . … installed by default.. Pardus linux. Click +add. -text from package descriptions are now copyable. this is a very handy feature that only took one line of code to add! (lp: #261775).