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Like tens of millions of other Americans, Hillary Clinton used to oppose  the idea of civil marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples and now  favors them.


Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Stand on LGBTQ Rights

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Hillary Clinton backs gay marriage in online video
. Hillary clinton and mayor michael bloomberg gay pride march, 2006 (photo by daniel j. “hillary clinton is a lesbian”?. Secretary of state hillary clinton’s historic lgbt speech – full length – high definition – youtube. An error occurred.. Going viral now: a fabulous hillary clinton graphic on human rights and gay rights. Next post gay and straight “promposal” students say thanks. . Hillary clinton on twitter: “proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality—& the courage & determination of lgbt americans who made it …. Hillary clinton admitting she is against gay marriage and for iraq war. Dont-shoot-hillary-reuters-640×480.jpg. Hillary clinton marches along fifth avenue in manhattan during the annual gay and lesbian pride parade in new york 25 june 2000.. . Listen: bill clinton once said hillary is ‘a little put off’ by gays ‘acting out’. In clinton white house, hillary’s staff helped push on gay rights. Hillary clinton has confirmed her plans to run for president. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton speaks at the human rights campaign gathering in washington on saturday. Brian van der brug/la times/getty. Hillary clinton, in humans of new york post, reassures gay youth. David gruber, far right, speaks to presidential candidate hillary clinton at a volunteer campaign. Clinton logo gets rainbow look for same sex marriage arguments – cnnpolitics. Bill and hillary clinton, october 11, 1975. . Susan sarandon, credit: david shankbone. . Hillary clinton, loudly and proudly, taps into a vein of support among gay voters. “gay rights are human rights,” says hillary clinton, announcing that the us will use diplomatic tools to promote lgbt rights.. . 2016 scotus quote hillary clinton. Then-secretary of state hillary clinton speaking to an lgbt group. under clinton, the state department was more lgbt-inclusive than ever.. Reader comments · hillary clinton unveils rainbow campaign logo ahead of supreme court case · pinknews. . Fact-check: pro-gary johnson group says dick cheney supported gay marriage before hillary clinton. Hillary clinton had the chance to make gay rights history. she refused.. Hillary clinton walks onstage for the release of the clinton foundation’s no ceilings full participation report (photo by spencer platt/getty images). Five things we know about robby mook, hillary clinton’s openly gay campaign manager. Hillary clinton lgbt quote. Gay rights pioneer edith windsor changed ‘hearts and minds, including mine,’ hillary. Gay marriage ruling: a political gift to hillary clinton?. Hillary rodham clinton. They invited hillary clinton to their wedding.. Hillary clinton’s concession speech (full text). Former us secretary of state, first lady and democractic presidential candidate hillary clinton. Hillary clinton: u.s. will use foreign aid to press for international gay rights. Mooooooooook. . Hillary clinton praises gay marriage decision and hounds gop. . Read arianna huffington’s speech honoring hillary clinton for her lgbt service. Clinton’s shifting further on gay marriage. reuters/rick wilking. hillary clinton …. Hillary clinton announced her support of gay marriage in an online video produced by the group human rights campaign. (allan tannenbaum/getty). Left: hillary clinton and ed buck; right: gemmel moore. Hillary clinton marches in the nyc pride parade in new york on sunday.. E-mail: hillary clinton lashed out at staff over gay-friendly passports. Hillary clinton blasts trump administration’s lgbt policies at the center gala. Hillary clinton evolves on gay marriage; calls for supreme court support. Hillary clinton waves to the crowds as she marches through the streets of new york city. Nathan johnson and jared milrad. “. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton speaks at the south los angeles get out the vote rally. Why i’m tired of the gay community’s obsession with hillary clinton. Frequently, politicians transform their views from the time they enter office to the time they leave, and hillary clinton happens to be among such …. . Clinton makes surprise appearance at nyc gay pride parade. 32 hillary clinton quotes on gay rights, immigration .. Hillary clinton delivers her official launch speech on june 13 in new york. (brendan mcdermid/reuters). Rachel maddow confronts bernie sanders over past opposition to marriage equality: how are you any different than hillary clinton?. Hillary clinton tells gay boy: ‘your future is going to be amazing’. Donald trump says he would be greater supporter of gay community than hillary clinton. Ap photo/pablo martinez monsivais. Gay gala offers pulpits for two favorites in joe biden and hillary clinton. Hillary clinton’s changing views on gay marriage. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton received an endorsement from the human rights campaign, a major lgbt organization, on tuesday.. Hillary clinton comments on humans of new york photo of distraught gay youth. “. Mayor pete buttigieg radio openly gay president yurkevich sot nr vpx_00004010. Democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton gestures as she speaks to the human rights campaign in. Gay couple in clinton video invites hillary to wedding. Why hillary clinton’s evolution on same-sex marriage is totally believable – vox. Where’s all my gay friends? donald trump is trying to drive a wedge between hillary. Hillary clinton leads california among gay voters. Hillary-clinton-gay-rights-are-human-rights-the-world-of-hillary-clinton -66762f85.jpeg?ver=1550618902&aspectratio=1. Bill and hillary are invading the turf of pop stars and ‘paw patrol live’. Democratic u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton (c) waves while taking part in the new. Snl: kate mckinnon’s faux hillary jokes with the real clinton about not supporting gay marriage sooner. . In this oct. 13, 2015, photo, democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton. Hillary clinton gets testy with terry gross over gay marriage ‘evolution’. Rightsinfo. Hillary clinton supports gay marriage. . Trump waged war on clinton, telling a giddy crowd eager for an opportunity to shout.